DuroMax XP4400E Reviews – Worth the Price?

What sets our DuroMax XP4400E reviews seperate from the rest?

This DuroMax XP4400E portable generator review is exactly the info you need in case you are looking to buy a generator.

The DuroMax XP4400E is a gas generator which provides 3,500 constant running watts and has a starting power of 4,400 watts.

This portable generator features 7.0 HP (horsepower) and can be started with the standard recoil start or using the electric start.

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DuroMax XP4400E Reviews

This portable generator can be used at a jobsite to run equipment, it can help run your appliances during home emergencies, and it is also safe to use in U.S. national parks because it is very quiet.

The DuroMax XP4400E is also EPA approved because it is very quiet with a rating of 69 dBA.

It’s very simple to start the DuroMax XP4400E portable generator with the electric start and, in case the battery is not fully charged, you can always start the generator with the single-pull recoil cord.

The frame is a heavy duty roll cage and the all-terrain knobby tires used for the wheel kit makes the DuroMax XP4400E a very easily portable generator.

The generator provides up to eight hours of running time (at 50%) with a four-gallon fuel tank and also has a low oil protection system which turns off the generator when it’s running low on oil.

DuroMax XP4400E Reviews


  • Starting and Running Watts

The starting peak for the DuroMax XP4400E is 4,400 watts and ensures a constant 3,500 watts while running. This portable generator is a very nice solution if you need to run your home appliances and it provides enough power to keep them running continuously.

  • Engine Horsepower

The DuroMax XP4400E has a powered engine of 7.0 horsepower overhead valve with 4-cycle gas. This powered engine helps this portable generator to provide the 4,400 watts as a starting peak and 3,500 watts for constant running.

  • Running Time

The DuroMax XP4400E runs for up to eight hours at 50% with a fuel tank that holds four gallons. This is an acceptable running time for this type of portable generator.

  • Outlets

The DuroMax XP4400E has a 120V, 20 amp for standard household outlets and it can be used for any appliance.

This generator also has a 120/240V, 30 amp which can be used for any powered tools.

The DuroMax has a 12V DC output which works as a charger for batteries and any other rechargeable devices.

This portable generator also uses a volt meter so you can always check the generator output range. You can see when the starter battery is charging with the nice charge indicator.

Because it uses a dual 15 amp circuit breaker, you should never worry about overloads.

You can get maximum power for each of the 120V receptacles and can also choose between the 120V operating generator and the simultaneous 240V by using the exclusive DuroMax RV Switch with voltage selector.

  • Wheel Type

The DuroMax XP4400E portable generator is also very easy to move. Why? Because the wheels use eight-inch all-terrain knobby tires, which are pneumatic and solid-filled. You also don’t need to worry that the tires will ever deflate.


  • Pros

Good price

Is having a compact design and 8-inch all-terrain knobby tires which are pneumatic solid filled for easy transportation
Powerful gas motor
Voltage regulation
Very quiet
4 gallons fuel tank

  • Cons

Does not comply with CARB, however the XP4400E-CA does (check the XP4400E-CA model in case you are in California)

Customer Reviews

At the moment, there are over 360 reviews on Amazon about this product and the number is increasing because of the good price and the efficiency of the DuroMax XP 4400E.

Most of the customers keep this portable generator for a more than two years and it still runs well.


Our advice is to unhook the battery if you plan to keep the generator in storage for a while.

Note for California residents: This model is not CARB-compliant. All of the units sold to California must be CARB-compliant.

A good solution for this is to buy the XP4400E-CA version.

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