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DuroStar DS4000S review of portable generator will give you all the info you need about this product so you can decide if is worth buying.

This portable generator is very good in case you intend to go camping, for home backup-power, RV’s and sporting events.

DuroStar DS4000S works with Gas and has an air-cooled overhead valve engine with 7hp (horsepower). Whe starting this portable generator has peak of 4,000 watts and then releases a constant 3300 watts.

The power is enough to cover you entire home appliances so you ca keep them safe even if there is a power outage.

Note for California residents: This model is not CARB-compliant. Units sold to California must be CARB-compliant.

DuroStar DS4000S offers two 120V, 20amp outlets and one 120V, 30amp outlet for tools with high power.

The running time for this generator is 8 hours with 50% load. The fuel tank size is 4 gallons and is using 1 gallon per hour.

For quiet operation, DuroStar DS4000S has heavy duty steel frame. The Frame has a four-point totally isolated motor mounts.

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DuroStar DS4000S Reviews

DuroStart DS4000S can be started with the EZ-Pull recoil start and because of the nice muffler used the engine doesn’t make too much noise (69 dBA rating).

In case the generator is running low of fuel then you also have the Low Oil Shut Off which stops the engine in order to protect the generator.

The power panel features the main controls, including start switch, volt meter, and circuit breaker. It offers two 120-volt, 20-amp, 3-prong outlets (NEMA 5-20R) to supply power to all of your home appliances, plus one 120-volt, 30-amp outlet (NEMA L5-30) for high-powered tools.

What this package includes:

DuroStar DS4000S portable generator
tool kit
operating instructions
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DuroStar DS4000S Reviews


  • Starting and Running Watts

DuroStart DS4000S has a starting power of 4000watts and then a constunt running of 3300 watts. This is enough to run your home appliances and not only.

You can use theis generator for high-powered tools and you can also take it with you when you go camping. The running time is 8 hours with 50% load.

  • Engine Horsepower

This portable generator has 7hp which means 208cc. DuroStar DS4000S is using OHV engine which makes this generator to be a good source of power when needed.

  • Running Time

The running time of 8 hours with a 50% load is not much but is enough in case you con’t afford a more expensive portable generator.

The fuel tank size is 4 gallons and is using 1 gallon per hour when fully loaded.

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  • Outlets

DuroStar DS4000S has two 120V, 20-amp, 3-prong outlets (NEMA 5-20R) and one 120-volt, 30-amp twist-lock outlet (NEMA L5-30). We can say that a drawback for this product is that it doesn’t have 240V outlets.

  • Wheel Type

The wheel type is optional as well as the handle type so you need to buy the one that you want. We can say that not having the wheel kit included is a drawback for this product.

  • Fuel Type

This is a gas generator so is working with gasoline. The fuel tank size is 4 gallons which is enough to run the generator for 8 hours with a 50% load.

This portable generator has a fuel gauge which can be very easy to read and this way you can see how much fuel the generator still has.

  • Noise Level

The noise level for DuroStar DS4000S is very low and this is mostly because of the quiet Muffer used. The noise level is 69 DB which in general is considered as average for a generator.

One thing you should know before buying DuroStar DS4000S is that the noise level will increase if you also increase the generator load.

Once started, you’ll be surprised that you’re not going to need your earplugs, or annoy your neighbors or fellow campers with a freight train imitator.

The “Quiet Muffler” reduces the noise level of the generator to a respectable 69 dB (average for a gas generator of this size).

This could be approximated to about the sound level of a vacuum cleaner, meaning you won’t have to shout to be heard over the noise.

Decibel readings are taken at 7 meters.

Understand that the engine noise goes up slightly with increasing load.

Another reason for the low noise level is the frame which is made from heavy duty steel and has the engine fully isolated by using four-point mounts.


  • Pros

Easy to use
Decent power output
Fairly Quiet
EPA approved
Easy to read fuel gauge

  • Cons

Does not comply with CARB
Frequent oil change
Wheel kit not included
No watt or amp meter

Customer Reviews

At this moment there are over 330 reviews on amazon about this DuroStar DS4000S and this is because the price is acceptable and the generator does a good job when you need to supply power to your appliances.


Our advice is to unhook the battery in case you plan to keep the generator in storage for a while.

Note for California residents: This model is not CARB-compliant. All the units sold to California must be CARB-compliant.

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