Goal Zero Yeti 150 Review – Good Solar Battery Portable Gen?

The Goal Zero Yeti 22004 is an 80 Watt portable generator. The unit is ideal for powering various devices in emergency situations or whenever you’re in an area without electricity.

Whether you’re planning to keep some lights on or to power phones or laptops, it does a pretty good job.

Its popularity on the rise, some even calling it a mini-powerhouse, we thought we need to put it under scrutiny.

Here’s what else we found about this model, also known as Goal Zero Yeti 150 80 Watt Solar Powered Generator.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Review – solar portable Generator Main Technical Features

As the name suggests, this portable generator supports a continuous wattage of 80 Watt. It has a capacity of 150 Wh, 14000 mAh, has a OEM Branded engine, and comes with one 12 V battery.

This means you can use it to power any device with a 12 V power source. As previously suggested, from plain lights to cameras, DSLRs, phones, tablets and laptops, you can power many devices with it.

Its 3 power outputs are also extremely versatile and convenient:

  • The 2 Ampere USB outlet, can charge various medium-sized devices usually powered by USB;
  • With the 12 V port, you can power any device running on a 12 V power source;
  • With the 80 Watt AC inverter, you can plug any device you’d normally plug into a regular wall socket.

Goal Zero Yeti solar generator works with a solar battery, features 3 outlets, and has peak wattage of 160. When charged at 50%, its run time is estimated at about 4 hours.

When the battery is running low, there are actually 3 different ways you can recharge it:

  • By connecting it to a compatible solar panel;
  • By plugging it into a regular wall outlet;
  • Goal Zero Yeti can be connected to your car’s 12 V adapter.

The design of Goal Zero 22004 solar generator

Unpacking your Goal Zero 22004 solar generator you will find 2 other items, aside from the device itself: a two-pieces AC wall charger and a 4.7 to 8 mm Legacy-Nomad Adapter.

The portable generator weighs 13 lbs, measuring 6.75-inch depth x 5.75-inch height x 7.75-inch length x 6.75-inch width.

With such simple and straightforward functioning principles, there’s actually nothing you need to assemble on it. Moreover, it should also come with the battery charged, meaning you can start playing with it right away.

As it happens, the controls are all on the same side. If you’re looking at that side from above, you should have two lines of items.

  • On the first line, from left to right, you will have 3 input tools:
    • The charging port
    • The charging indicator light
    • Generator battery display
  • On the second line, from left to right, you will have the power buttons, each one with its own output tools:
    • One 12 V power button and the two 12 V ports underneath it
    • The USB power button and the two USB ports underneath it
    • The AC power button and the AC port underneath it

Also important to remember, the generator features Auto Idle Control and Automatic Voltage Regulation!

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The noise level of this generator

The noise level is a serious reason for concern, making it one of the first questions that our readers address. Luckily, this Yeti 150 is surprisingly silent and works like charm.

That’s because it is pretty much a rechargeable battery. You plug it in and it stores power, you plug devices in it and it provides power.

No reason to make noise, unless it’s running out of battery. In this case, you should hear a beeping noise.

What customers say about the Goal Zero 22004 solar portable generator

From the many reviews that this portable generator received, most of the feedback is positive. The general opinion is that the device simply does everything it promises.

Successfully using it for camping, charging cell phones, cameras and laptops is often mentioned by its customers.

What’s also to appreciate about it is that the device makes no noise, fumes, or emissions. So it is safe even for indoor use.

Many users actually said that they purchased it for a particular task and later discovered surprisingly more utilities for it – Goal Zero Yeti 150 Review!

As far as the negative reviews are concerned, there is one mention that keeps showing up. They say the battery died and there was nothing they could do about it afterward.

This, of course, relates to the lead acid battery of the Goal Zero 22004 solar generator.

This type of battery is very demanding and you should never allow it to completely drain. Once that happens, the battery is compromised.

Nevertheless, if you make sure it will never drain out completely, you shouldn’t have this problem at all.

As some would claim, Goal Zero 22004 solar generator shouldn’t be advertised as a solar generator.

That’s because it doesn’t come with any way to charge it on solar power. But you can do so by separately purchasing the Nomad solar panels.

Goal Zero recommends this particular model and if you buy it, you do have a solar portable generator. Speaking of official recommendations, there’s another drawback our readers report.

It has to do with the fact that using other solar cells than the proprietary model requires a special connector.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Review

The pros & cons of using this solar generator

Judging by the general positive feedback, there are plenty of positive aspects regarding the Goal Zero 22004 solar generator:

  • Portability – you can take it with you pretty much anywhere;
  • Versatility – it can power up laptops, lights and smartphones anywhere;
  • Flexibility in charging – you can recharge it from a wall outlet, in the car, or from the sun;
  • Convenience of use – it is small and lightweight, therefore, easy to carry around;
  • Special design – it has a stackable shape and it features a convenient pop-up handle;
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use – it makes no noise and no fumes;
  • It is durable;
  • It comes with a battery;
  • You can always add extra solar cells if you want.

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On the downside, the shortages of using a Goal Zero 22004 solar generator refer to the following aspects:

  • It uses a lead acid battery – aside from not being environmentally friendly, it is also quite demanding; you cannot afford to let it drain;
  • It requires constant recharging – this isn’t a good thing for a portable generator that should also help you in emergency situations;
  • Goal Zero Yeti is not CARB compliant;
  • It requires an adapter if you want to charge it with other solar cells than the proprietary ones;
  • You need to buy the Goal Zero solar panel separately, so it comes with some extra expenses.
  • Getting in touch with the customer support can sometimes be challenging.

Warranty & support terms for the Goal Zero 22004 solar generator

Buying a Goal Zero 22004 solar generator would come with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty applies to both repair and replace requirements, should they conclude that the portable generator was used appropriately.

Also, when you’re buying the generator, you should benefit from a 90-day returnable period.

Final considerations on Goal Zero 22004 solar generator

Still not sure whether to purchase a Goal Zero 22004 solar generator or not? We would say you go for it. It’s not just the overall positive feedback coming from our readers and other users.

It’s also the way it looks, how small and practical it is. Sure, it requires some special care and attention on your side, to make sure you always keep it charged  – Goal Zero Yeti 150 Review!

But all good equipment requires care, so this one shouldn’t necessarily scare you.

The Goal Zero 22004 solar portable generator might not be solar equipment by definition. Just go ahead and pair it with a solar panel. You should get the quality of other professional solar generators for a fraction of their cost!

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