WEN 4750 Watt Reviews – with Dual Fuel

The WEN 4750 watt portable generator is made to help you any time you need power. The four-stroke OHV single cylinder engine has 7HP while it also make use of an air cooled system.

This generator has four outlets and you’ll be able to run most of your appliances.

The running time is eleven hours with a 50% load, which is more than enough and is better than other more expensive portable generators.

WEN 4750 Watt Reviews

The package comes with a wheel kit which will help you to transport the generator. The fuel tank has a capacity of four gallons and the low oil shutdown feature will help you in case the generator runs out of gas.

The WEN 4750 watt portable generator is EPA approved and uses a spark arrestor and a muffler which makes this cheap portable generator available for use in national parks.

This portable generator also has a voltage switch and you can choose to use either 120V or 240V. Also, with the power indicator light, which is positioned above the receptacles, the WEN 4750 watt portable generator lets you know the receptacle status.

When the light is on, it means that the power is on.

In addition to all of this, the WEN 4750 watt portable generator uses a digital hour counter where you can see the running time.

The WEN 4750 watt portable generator is exactly what you need in case you need a decent generator at a very good price which can start and run your basic appliances.

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If you have or want to connect more powerful appliances then we recommend you choose a different portable generator which can provide you with the power you need.


  • Starting and Running Watts

The WEN 4750 watt portable generator has a peak wattage of 4750 watts and a constant running power of 3000 watts, which enables you to use it with most of your appliances.

The engine has 7HP, which means 212cc, and is made by RATO. This generator has an Operational Volume of 71.

  • Engine Horsepower

The WEN 4750 watt portable generator has 7HP, which means 212cc. This is a good amount of power for a cheap portable generator and, if you don’t need more than that, this product is one to consider buying.

  • Running Time

The running time with a 50% load is eleven hours and that’s quite good if we look at more expensive generators with less running time.

The fuel tank has a capacity of four gallons and the engine uses 0.67 gallons per hour.

  • Outlets

(2) 120V, 20A, 3-prong
(1) 120/240V, 30A twist lock
(1) 12V DC 8.3A
As you can see, you have four outlets available and you can also switch between using 120V and using 240V.

  • Wheel Type

The WEN 4750 watt portable generator package includes a wheel kit for easy transportation. This way you can take the generator with you when needed.

  • Noise Level

The noise level is 71dB which is not that much, but also is not very quiet. The WEN 4750 watt uses a muffler and a spark arrestor to reduce the noise for this generator.

WEN 4750 Watt Reviews


  • Pros

Very good price
EPA approved
CARB compliant
Can run most of your basic appliances
Comes with tools for maintenance

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  • Cons

The outlets are not covered so you need to be careful based on the wheater
Makes some noise

Customer Reviews

The WEN 4750 watt portable generator has more than 450 reviews on Amazon alone and more people are buying it because it is cheap, does a good job for your basic appliances, and has many functions.


Note for California residents: This model is CARB-compliant. All the units sold to California must be CARB-compliant.

We hope that our WEN 4750 Watt Reviews has helped you decide if this is a good product for you or not.

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