WEN 56200i Review – Is it Cheap & High Quality?

You reached here because you wanted to read some 100% honest WEN 56200i review, right?

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On the market of generators, WEN is a reputable manufacturer. Its models might not always compete with Honda or Yamaha, but they are still popular.

WEN 56200i Review

Take this 4-stroke gas powered inverter generator, the WEN 56200i, as an example. Great for campgrounds, tailgates, or construction sites, it should prove handy during various power outages.

What makes it stand out, you wonder? Let’s have a look at it and then decide if you’ll continue searching or you’re just gonna order this one.

WEN 56200i Main Technical Features

The WEN 56200i portable generator, like many other Wen products, is famous for the value it provides and the competitive price. If you were wondering just how much power it carries, here are some very specific facts.

This is a CARB compliant generator with a built-in inverter that works on 120 V. While its peak wattage on startup is of 2000, it has a 1600 continuous wattage.

Tucked inside is an OEM Branded engine with 79.7 cc engine displacement and 2 hp, with muffler included.

The engine works on gasoline, with a fuel consumption of 0.25 gallons/hour. The tank holds up to 1 gallon and the autonomy when fueled at 50% is of up to 6 hours.

Whenever you’re in need of some extra power, you can connect two generators through the parallel connection ports.

One device features 4 outlets. You have 2 three-prong receptacles at 120 V, 1 DC receptacle at 12 V and 1 USB port at 5 V. If you fear that you might be tempted to charge too many devices, there’s an economic mode at your disposal.

The eco-mode is a special functioning program that would allow the motor to take over. Instead of the pre-defined gasoline consumption, the engine will analyze the actual parameters and needs, automatically adjusting the fuel consumption.

It depends on how you use it and if/when you disconnect devices from charging or you connect new devices. While the eco-mode is activated, you can get a significant fuel economy.

Moreover, it produces clean energy, without any voltage drops or spikes. It is safe for all your devices, as it was specifically designed to mirror a pure sine wave. In numbers, this model has a total harmonic distortion under 1.2% at full load and under 0.3% at no load.

From cellphones and tablets to laptops and monitors, you can power it. WEN 56200i can be a great choice for even the most vulnerable devices.

We’re closing this section of the technical features by mentioning 4 other cool features of this model:

  1. It starts with a simple pull cord;
  2. WEN 56200i has overload protection built-in;
  3. It features automatic low-oil shutdown;
  4. It features automatic low-fuel shutdown.

The design of WEN 56200i

The WEN 56200i portable generator measures 18-inch depth x 18-inch height x 18-inch length x 11-inch width. From a distance, it looks like a bulky case with round edges in a professional black and yellow design.

However, this inverter generator only weighs 48 lbs. And thanks to the carrying handle, you can grab it and carry it around much easier than you’d expect.

All the options, outlets, and indication lights are placed on the same side. The symbols are pretty intuitive too, so you should easily spot them.

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Some of them are labeled with words, others with special symbols. Either way, you will be able to find whatever you need within seconds.

The noise level of this inverter generator

The US Department of Health and Human Services estimated its working noise to be comparable with a normal conversation’s sound.

But if you’ve never paid attention to how loud an average conversation is, how about a window air conditioner? WEN 56200i is quieter than that.

To give you an even better reference, some of our readers claim it’s as quiet as other Honda/Yamaha models. You must have heard how famous these two are for making quiet generators.

Long story short, a WEN 56200i comes with a muffler that tones down the noise. In the end, it features an operational volume of only 51 dB.

What customers say about the WEN 56200i

Pretty much everywhere you’ll look for this model, you’ll see people claiming how much it resembles a Yamaha generator.

Those who bought it are not just happy with the price, but also with its portability and output. Also, the runtime estimated by the producer is fairly close to what customers experience. Many other products would falsely advertise a higher run time, which isn’t the case here, and that’s another big plus.

But as a generator that works with gasoline and oil, this model requires maintenance. Some users are a bit unhappy with a design flaw.

They claim that the oil filler/ dipstick are placed in a weird position, making it difficult to check the oil levels.

Others are not sure what type of oil to use, with the general recommendation pointing a 30SAE, if stored indoor.

Some customers that are more into the tech aspects of the product, argued it has no separate fuel valve switch.

To this problem, however, they also seem to have found a solution. You can mimic such a valve by simply turning the knob close to the off position.

That way, you’re cutting the fuel line while still allowing burning up fuel in the carb. This solution presented in the manual was often overlooked, but now you should be able to take advantage of it.

WEN 56200i Review

The pros & cons of using this inverter generator

The entire above probably gave you a few hints regarding the benefits of using a WEN 56200i. But let’s write down, as concise as possible, the pros:

  • Versatile and suitable for any device, thanks to its minimal harmonic distortion;
  • Sturdy and convenient to use thanks to its overload protection and low-fuel/low-oil shutdown;
  • Flexible, since it supports parallel connection – you can double the power by simply linking two generators of its kind through a WEN 56421 parallel connection kit;
  • Economic, if you decide to maximize fuel economy by running on the Eco-Mode;
  • Lightweight and portable, weighing less than 50 pounds and coming with a carrying handle;
  • Quiet, thanks to the muffler that reduces most of the engine noise;
  • Affordable cost at competitive features – it is easily comparable with other high-quality products from notorious brands.

As far as drawbacks are concerned, there isn’t much we can pinpoint. We would have to underline that it requires some maintenance.

After all, it works with gasoline and oil. This means you’ll have to keep an eye on it and do some regular checkups.

Also, according to the product manual, this generator shouldn’t be left outside, exposed to various elements. So while it could take a rain shower, leaving it unsupervised outdoor is not a good idea.

Warranty & support terms for WEN 56200i

The decision to buy a WEN 56200i portable inverter generator comes with the opportunity to return it within 30 days. If you’re unhappy with it, you can simply claim this right and get your money back.

If you decide to keep this EPA approved inverter generator, you will benefit from a 2-year warranty. This policy applies to personal use, whereas commercial use falls under a 90-day short-term warranty.

Final considerations on WEN 56200i

If you’re tired of salivating over expensive generators from Honda or Yamaha, there is still hope for you. WEN 56200i can be that type of inverter generator that puts an end to your sufferance.

It won’t cost you a fortune and it will be versatile enough to power a wide range of electronic devices. Our readers generally have a very good opinion about it and we convinced ourselves too.

Plus, with the 30-day returnable offer, you really have no reasons to refrain from trying it. Investing in a WEN 56200i is well worth, that’s our final say.

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